Trigger Point Therapy for Neck & Upper Back Pain (6 CE hours)

May 13, 2023

Time: Saturday 9-4:00
Location: Advanced Massage Therapeutics, Louisville, KY
Instructor: Amber Davies, CMTPT, LMT

Course Description:

Add more certainty to your toolbox of skills with this in-depth class on assessment and treatment of upper back and neck pain. Learn to spot trigger point referred pain and dysfunction patterns. Gain more confidence in trigger point location, palpation and treatment.

Most people who come for massage are suffering from some form of upper back and neck pain. How often do we just put the client face down and dive right into the tissue? But what if the problem is not a tight trapezius or rhomboid? How do you know?

First, we need to identify if the pain is coming from tight muscles or fascia, nerves, postural dysfunction, or problems with the spine itself. Using orthopedic assessment tests, we will learn when to refer out to a physician or chiropractor before we soften the tissue that may be doing more helping than hurting. Once we identify that we can help, and usually we can, we will practice specific range of motion tests to find exactly what to treat.

The difficulty with treating neuromusculoskeletal pain is too often that the problem is not in the place that hurts. Trigger points refer pain and create mechanical dysfunction that causes pain far from site of the real problem.

You will learn the most common causes of pain in the upper back and it’s not the rhomboids or the trapezius. Ever solve chronic upper back pain by treating the scalenes, pectoralis major or the rectus abdominus? You will.

Hands-on practice trades will be “therapeutically delicious as your trade partner will practice direct verbal communication and observation to assess your personal response to treatment. Trades will be detailed, supervised, and memorable.

This is trigger point therapy everyone will love.

Open to massage therapy students, massage therapists, physical therapists, and occupational therapists only please.

Class size is limited to about 20 participants.

Questions? Just call me at (502) 468-1016 or by email at