LOWER Body Workshop (20 CE hours)

October 13-15, 2023

Time: Friday 5-9, Saturday and Sunday 9-6
Location: Advanced Massage Therapeutics in Louisville, KY
Instructor: Amber Davies, CMTPT, LMT

Course Description:

Just like described in the Whole Body Workshop, the Trigger Point Therapy – Lower Body Workshop covers the characteristics, palpation and location of trigger points, self-treatment, orthopedic and postural assessment, multiple clinical treatment approaches, perpetuating factors and how to incorporate problem-solving massage into your practice.

The problem is not in the place that hurts. Trigger points refer pain and create mechanical dysfunction that causes pain far from the site of the real problem.

You will learn to identify and treat trigger points for common pain complaints including conditions that cause mid and low back pain, hip pain, sciatica, abdominal pain, pelvic pain and dysfunction, knee pain, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, and much more.

In this workshop, we will have time to review some of the current research that has proven trigger points exist, can be imaged, and are treatable with manual therapy such as massage. Don’t worry, you won’t need a biology degree to keep up!

If you are like the thousands of therapists who have taken our classes in the past, you will find pain relief during the class. Practice and then teach your clients simple, effective self-treatment that can be done anytime, anywhere. End your pain with self-treatment.

Make your own body a learning laboratory. This is how Amber and Clair learned trigger point therapy. If you can find a trigger point on yourself, you can find on someone else.

It is all about body landmarks, soft tissue palpation, and direction of pressure. Using simple self-treatment tools, we will find the trigger point on ourselves then on each other. This personal approach gives you three things: a lifelong educational laboratory, self-care, and compassion for your clients.

This is trigger point therapy everyone will love. Practice time is detailed, supervised, and memorable. Hands-on trades will be “therapeutically delicious” as your trade partner will be guided to use direct verbal communication and observation to assess your personal response to the treatment.

The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook 3rd edition is required for class (not included in tuition).  Pre-order your copy now at Amazon. We will also have books available for sale before class but reading in advance really helps.

Massage therapists, physical therapists and occupational therapists only please.

Class size is limited to about 20 participants.

Questions? Just call me at (502) 468-1016 or by email at amber@newdaymyopain.com