Hotel Information

The best way to find accommodations is to Google downtown Louisville. There are a wide range of hotel options available. Here are some recommendations by former students:

Residence Inn
333 E. Market Street
(502) 589-8998
Approximately $90.00/night

Ramada Inn 
Zorn Avenue
(502) 897-5101
(closest to our office, slightly older hotel)
Approximately $80.00/night

Breckenridge Inn
2800 Breckenridge Lane
(502) 456-5050

Jeffersonville, IN
just across the Ohio River in Indiana but only 10-15 minutes away.
Approximately $110.00/night

700 W. Main
(502) 217-6300
Pricey but a chic/artsy hotel

There are also some lovely Bed & Breakfasts within 10-15 minutes from our office.

Inn at Woodhaven
401 S. Hubbards Lane
(502) 895-1011

Central Park B&B
1353 S. 4th Street
(502) 638-1505

Culbertson Mansion
1432 S. 2nd Street
(502) 634-3100

For those of you flying, our airport code is SDF. It’s just a few minutes south of downtown and about 15 minutes from our office. There are hotels around the airport but the ones downtown are even closer to us and probably your best bet.


New Day Myopain Center
1813 Brownsboro Road
(in the RBW Building)
Louisville, KY 40206