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New Day Myopain Center

New Day Myopain Center is a unique massage and manual therapy clinic in Louisville, KY dedicated to helping people overcome chronic pain and tension. We strive to solve the problems behind the symptoms, include you in the solution, and give you the skills to stay functional, self-reliant and pain-free.

We solve what traditional mainstream medicine doesn’t; chronic myofascial pain. The therapy you will receive here is non-invasive, drug-free, and client centered. That means that you will be listened to, empowered to speak your mind, and treated as an individual. If we can’t help, we will tell you honestly so you can spend your money and time trying something else.

It is our mission to bring myofascial trigger point therapy into the mainstream. We also provide continuing education workshops for professional therapists and self-treatment classes for folks in pain. You can self-treat nearly every muscle on your own body that we can treat on you. We can teach you how.

It's a new day


New Day Myopain Center
1813 Brownsboro Road
(in the RBW Building)
Louisville, KY 40206