Our Team


Amber Davies, CMTPT, LMT

Amber Davies is a certified myofascial trigger point therapist, KY licensed massage therapist, and owner of New Day Myopain Center in Louisville, Kentucky. Amber completely revised The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook (3rd edition) written by her father Clair Davies. This new edition was published by New Harbinger Publications in 2013. The journey from pain sufferer to therapist started for Amber in the summer of 1991 when she injured her back in summer stock theatre. After years of pain her father, Clair, helped to solve her chronic low back pain during his early explorations of Janet Travell and David Simons’ landmark medical textbooks on trigger point therapy. While attempting to raise two willful young daughters, Amber is dedicated to helping bring treatment of myofascial pain into the mainstream. In addition to treating client/patients, Amber teaches continuing education for therapists and self-treatment to folks in pain.

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