Self-Treatment Classes for Folks in Pain

Do you brush your own teeth?


Imagine if you didn’t brush your teeth every day but instead went to the dentist once a month for a cleaning.
Kind of a yucky image, isn’t it? And expensive.

Culturally, it is unacceptable to have yucky, scuzzy teeth. So we brush them. We also brush regularly to avoid cavities, losing our teeth, gum disease, and blah, blah, blah, right? Someone taught us very early in life to brush our teeth, right?

Do you even remember a time before you could brush?

Brushing our own teeth every day doesn’t put the dentist out of business, does it? Nope. We still need them for problem solving, deep cleaning, and routine maintenance.

Our muscles need the same kind of care (but hopefully not with a giant tooth brush.) We all know we should stretch and exercise but we also need to massage our muscles. Few people have the time or resources to see a massage therapist weekly much less more often.

So why not do some massage daily ourselves?
but for
and to

Many people sit all day and then suffer chronic low back pain. Most of them respond well to massage of the front of the hip muscles (hip flexors). These are the muscles that stay short and tight all day long. Lengthening out these muscles with long strides and/or lunges can also help.

Have you tried massaging your butt against the wall with a ball yet?

Seriously, you are missing out.

Low back pain can come from muscles in your back and buttocks too.
Who knew?!
(…ahhh, massage therapists know.)


Crick in the neck?
It’s not going to be a 4-day ordeal
if you massage the trigger points in your own
levator scapulae and trapezius muscles.

Yep, that “I-must-have-slept-wrong.
I-can’t-turn my-head” thing is muscle pain.
You could have immediate relief and solved by
the end of the day with self-treatment.

This smart lady is using a $35 Thera Cane to massage her upper back muscles. Backnobbers are awesome too and can travel in a carry-on.


Our self-treatment classes for pain sufferers can be an efficient way to take matters into your own hands under the guidance of a self-treatment expert.

Here are some options:

Trigger Point Self-Treatment for Self-Care Enthusiasts (2 ½ days)

Our Self-Treatment for Self Care Enthusiasts is for anyone who wants keep their musculoskeletal health on the priority list. Self-treating trigger points is truly a life skill. Being able to take care of a headache or low back pain yourself goes to the next level of self-reliance and personal responsibility. No pill, no bill, no appointments.

Current Schedule
Fall 2014 TBA
Louisville, KY
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Self-Treatment for Headache, Neck, and Upper Back Pain

Are chronic headaches or migraines getting your down?
Is your neck stiff and painful throughout the day and even after rest?
How about that constant ache in your upper back, are you ready to be done with that yet?

Relieve your pain without quitting your job or giving up the hobbies you love.

In this self-treatment class, you will learn how to find and self-treat the source of the problem using simple tools such as an inexpensive rubber ball against the wall. Muscle pain can be chronic and debilitating. The missing piece in the treatment of pain is that muscle pain is often referred from another place, for example; upper back muscle cause neck pain, neck muscles cause head pain. You can self-treat every single muscle a massage therapist can treat without hurting your arms. Let me teach you how. This class is based on the newly revised 3rd edition of The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook by my father, Clair Davies and myself Amber Davies.

Current Schedule
Fall 2014 TBA
Louisville, KY
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Self-Treatment for Shoulder, Arm and Hand Pain

If physical therapy has failed to solve the problem,
If you are getting nowhere with painkillers and
If you're ready to take matters into your own hands,
This is your opportunity!

Muscle pain and dysfunction is a commonly overlooked factor in common pain syndromes including: frozen shoulder syndrome, bursitis, thoracic outlet syndrome, carpal tunnel, lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow), medial epicondylitis (golfers elbow), or arthritis. If you are suffering from any of these conditions you may find significant lasting relief in this class.

This unique self-treatment workshop is based on The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook, 3rd edition by Clair Davies and Amber Davies and The Frozen Shoulder Workbook by Clair Davies. Self-treatment puts you in charge of regular treatment directly to the source of the problem.

Current Schedule:
Fall 2014 TBA
Louisville, KY
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Self-treatment for Leg, Knee, and Foot Pain

Chronic knee and foot pain can limit your activities and ultimately affect your overall health due to the inability to exercise. In this class, we will assess each participant for perpetuating factors such as Morton’s Foot that can create long term problems including plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, and knee pain. If you have this common structural variation in the bones of your feet a simple corrective pad will be made for you during the class for you to take home and try. Then you will learn how to find and self-treat trigger points in each of the muscles that operate the thigh, lower leg, and foot. This class is based on the newly revised 3rd edition of The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook by my father, Clair Davies and myself, Amber Davies. Runners and exercise enthusiasts will especially benefit from the self-treatment techniques taught in this class. This class is based on the newly revised 3rd edition of The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook by my father, Clair Davies and myself Amber Davies.

Calf muscles send pain to the foot and make dysfunction in tissues such as the plantar fascia. The lower leg can be self-massaged with a simple rubber ball on the floor or on a stack of thick books for better leverage. No expensive specialty equipment needed.

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Invite Amber Davies to teach a trigger point self-treatment class at your workplace, group or school.

The options are limitless. We could do just about combination of course content and timeframe that fits for your group.

Suggested Classes:

  • One-hour Lunch & Learn All about Trigger Points
  • Two-hour Introduction to Self-Treatment
  • Four-hour Problem Focused Intensive Workshop for Workplaces

We can offer solutions to repetitive overuse injuries for office workers, dentists and dental hygienists, factory workers, musicians, artisans, skilled laborers, etc.

All of the classes are hands-on, fun and engaging. Participants will leave with new useful skills and knowledge. Wall space for self-treatment against the wall with a rubber ball is required.

Classes include self-treatment balls and handouts for everyone. Books can be made available for sale or included in the price of the class. Please contact us for pricing We are located in Louisville, Kentucky within a driving distance of Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Lexington, Knoxville, Nashville, and St. Louis.

“The better you are able to self-treat your own trigger points, the more functional and pleasant your life will be.”

-David G. Simons, MD, age 81

Pioneer of myofascial trigger point therapy, author, medical researcher,
US Air Force aerospace physician, world record holder,
man who helped to put man on the moon, and
first human being to visually confirm with his own eyeballs that
the earth is indeed round.


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